I've started trying out mapping some bus routes in Brisbane from Chermside, through the Gympie Road corridor south through Kedron and Lutwyche.

The Potlatch support for relations worked very well except for one thing: It seems you can't display more than 16 attributes of a way at one time - including what relations it belongs to. This is a bit of a problem when a way has many bus routes!

Is there anything I'm missing? or should I just fire up JOSM for the tough bits?

Location: Glen Kedron, Kedron, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4031, Australia

Comment from randomjunk on 18 July 2008 at 15:02

there should be a little grey line at the bottom of the property panel when there are a large number of properties -- it's a scroll bar! drag it with the mouse and you should be able to see the extra tags/relations.

Comment from sabre23t on 20 July 2008 at 08:40

Your work on bus routes looks interesting. I'll certainly will be looking at what you've done, when I start doing similar on bus routes in my corner of the planet. BTW, are you looking at too?

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