Dolly Sods

Posted by mikelmaron on 20 August 2012 in English (English)

In early August, spent three days backpacking in the Dolly Sods, a beautiful and unusual wilderness area in West Virginia. Highly recommended, especially if you want fresh blueberries in your oatmeal.

For maps, I downloaded OSM data to my Garmin. It was only partially complete. Searching, I found maps at, good comprehensive mapping of Dolly Sods. Way back in 2004, they created maps using only GPS and open source software (sounds familiar :). I downloaded and image and printed it out for use on the trail.

After I got back I wanted to update OSM with a few of my tracks. I contacted a few of the previous mappers in Dolly Sods, as well as reaching out to the Dolly Sods Mapping site. Fantastically, John supported us using their data in OSM. To start, I converted the DollySods KML map to raw OSM data, using gpsbabel, and brought it into JOSM as a background layer, to compare to existing OSM data.

Fantastically, John was able to upload the GPS data to OSM, and then (joined in mapping!)[]

At this point

  • all of the trails in Dolly Sods have been better aligned to the GPS traces and to the Bing satellite
  • trails were connected properly into a network
  • tagging is consistent
  • some data that was imported with TIGER was fixed up (removed tiger:reviewed)
  • tagged the boundary of DollySods with additional tags ala
  • added Red Creek
  • adding parking areas

There's always more mapping to do, maybe later...

  • a more comprehensive survey of campgrounds
  • add more water features
  • add trail numbers

This was great fun. Looking at the imagery after our trip was a great way to see it again. Hope I get to do more backpacking and mapping soon.


Location: Red Creek Trail, Tucker County, West Virginia, United States of America

Comment from robert on 21 August 2012 at 00:20

Best named geographical area ever.

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