Basic mapping completed

Posted by messpert on 24 February 2009 in English (English)

For the record, I think basic mapping is more or less complete now for:
Curbridge, Ducklington, North Leigh, Wilcote, Ramsden, Hailey, East End,
New Yatt, High Cogges, most of Crawley and Poffley End as well as Minster Lovell.

A few paths are left around South Leigh. The area south of Ducklington needs more detail. Likwise west out to Burford. Many tracks and paths need completing or filling in: mainly places that are muddy and overgrown, left for better weather or others :-)

Rivers and streams are generally poor for lack of a good way to survey: anyone with a gps-enabled radio controlled model boat ? :-) I gather Richard has done most of them via his , but I have found the positions pretty approximate. And, I think, plain wrong in at least one case. The other issue is with the width of the rivers. The default rendering on Osmarender IIRC made the Windrush through Witney appear to cover paths and service roads on its banks, so I started guesstimating the width. In most cases, I think that I have them too narrow: I have one of the cheap sonar "tape measures" which I may eventually remember to take out: it might just be able to see an echo from a tree on the opposite bank and give a better idea of the width. Otherwise I suppose basic triangulation would work, but would take too much time and effort :-) Of course, when we can walk or cycle both banks, it is a bit easier...

Comment from kaerast on 24 February 2009 at 15:54

If you've got a radio controlled boat then you're still going to need to walk up the bank with it to keep it in range. A diy UAV on the other hand...

The important thing is to make the map usable for navigation, exact widths of waterways isn't vital.

Comment from Richard on 1 March 2009 at 19:01

Brilliant stuff - all looks really good and precise. Will have to wean you off highway=path though. :)

We went out for a walk today and ticked off a couple of missing paths in the Leafield/Ramsden/Finstock area. I'm starting to think that West Oxfordshire might become footpath-complete before too long...

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