Towson, MD overview and the lack of planning

Posted by mdroads on 4 May 2011 in English (English)

Noticed (after working in the area over 8 years) just how anarchic the planning is in Towson, MD. It's the unincorporated county seat of Baltimore County, and has old original houses next to multi-story office buildings. Most of the original housing survives west of Bosley Avenue, and many original structures are to be found as businesses/bars/stores on York Road. Out east of town on Joppa Road, the houses are zoned commercial for miles out. East Joppa is a major route out on the east, but West Joppa, though more important a few blocks west, sneaks through that first western block as a back alley service road for businesses on Allegany Avenue.

The town's WWI monument was dwarfed by what's now the Towson Circle retail complex, to the immediate southeast of the traffic circle. Towson Commons to the south has become a retail white elephant, to the extent their full potential was never reached. Towson Circle features a Barnes & Noble and a few other stores, and Towson Commons is mostly offices and a multi-screen cinema after the Borders bookstore left. Only one or two stores survive along ground level on Pennsylvania Avenue (AKA Sushi Alley).

All said, the landuse=tag makes an interesting hodgepodge in these places. Several of the adjacent tall buildings are landuse=commercial next to =residential. Lots of parking to be accounted for, all of it guarded jealously. I'd like to find elevation data for the taller buildings, to make 3D analysis possible.

Location: East Towson, Hampton, Baltimore County, Maryland, 21286, United States of America

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