London: Searching for Globe Town

Posted by mcld on 7 September 2014 in English (English)

In East London, there’s a part of Bethnal Green called “Globe Town”. It’s not very well known, but it’s actually indicated by some globe artworks sprinkled around the area - see the photo in this nice article, for example:

I decided to go and do some Bethnal Green mapping today, at least in part because Globe Town wasn’t really in OSM yet and also because I’m not even aware of an official definition of the bounds of Globe Town. So I went looking.

my fieldpaper

I’ve placed a marker to name the Globe Town locality, and I chose to place it in the Globe Town market square. Is that the centre of Globe Town? I have no idea. But it’s at least a prominent place associated with that name.

I also mapped one of the Globe Town globe artworks. I’ve seen a few of them around but I can’t remember where - I’ll just have to add them as I find them.

There are a few different things named “Globe” in that part of town. Of course things named after Globe Road don’t necessarily have to be in Globe Town, so I’m not sure if it extends to the southern end of Globe Road even though I found “Globe Town recycling centre” at the bottom there.

If anyone knows of any clues, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll just have to keep mapping whenever I see a globe…

Comment from mcld on 4 October 2014 at 11:25

UPDATE: thanks to the National Library of Scotland for providing old OS maps as slippy maps. I happened to notice the old OS map has a label for Globe Town, so I decided to use that as a good guide for placement.

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