Ben Avon Mapping 04

Posted by mayanaut on 28 February 2024 in English.

I have tentatively completed the sidewalks in Ben Avon, as well as pedestrian crossings, and some fire hydrants. I have added surface materials to most, if not all of the sidewalks and ped crossings. Some of the pedestrian crossings may have had their lines repainted more recently than the available street-level imagery I have access to, so I will update them as necessary.

For now, I’ve held off tagging sidewalks and pedestrian crossings with smoothness and slope data, partly because of the difficulty of adding that manually, but also because I’m not quite sure how useful this data is given that few renderers seem to use this data. Even seems to only pull the data on individual buildings/businesses, rather than the condition of the pathways that lead between them. So unless I come across a compelling reason to go back and add this data, this aspect is on pause for me.

One of my next goals was to be adding private driveways and walkways to connect with sidewalks and streets, but I am second-guessing this now. While many are easily visible from a combination of aerial and street-level photography, there are also quite a few that are difficult to see under heavy tree cover.

I am going to investigate how to properly map stop signs and other traffic control devices, and perhaps add speed limits to roadways as I am able.

I also ran into some trouble when adding a bridge area and modifying another bridge area, along with the associated ways that pass over and under it… so I probably need to brush up on how best to modify those for future use.

There are also a couple of areas that probably should be modified to be more in line with existing conditions. For example, there are a few blocks east of Dickson Avenue, between Perrysville and Church that are not included in the adjacent Residential Area when they really should be.

While I tinker around with some of these things, I think I can start plugging away at the low-hanging fruit in Emsworth with regard to sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.


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