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The case for highway=trunk on Texas frontage roads 3 months ago

What about all the traffic lights and at grade intersections?

The definition of trunk I try to argue for is the regional road network. The function of these roads is pretty local, mostly providing freeway access.

Why not get rid of the here-comes-a-freeway primary classifications by making them secondary (or whatever makes sense for the local frontage)?

Streets as Areas 3 months ago

Oh I see, I didn't read closely enough. I think if you are going to make areas, they should match the type of the road they cover, not just be universally service.

Streets as Areas 3 months ago

Something may have gone wrong, several streets are mapped as part of a highway=service area:

A hospital on every street corner in South Korea? 3 months ago

They can also be amenity=doctors.

A cow made of corn 3 months ago

Another way to get backgrounds images into iD is to use .

For small areas even a quick rectification should work well and then there is a tile url available in the export tab for the image that can be pasted into the "custom" background input in iD.

Odd brown area 3 months ago

I've fixed the dragged node in

The error was introduced in

Odd brown area 3 months ago

If you zoom in close it ends up showing the large changeset bounding boxes. Unfortunately there are a lot of them in this area from POI editors.

Odd brown area 3 months ago

I think someone has dragged a node of a building a long distance. I think a place of worship given the color.

Sometimes the history view on is an easy way to locate the large bounding box of such a change.

Imports 4 months ago

I've come to look at the import process as an up front quality control step. Of course quality assurance could be done by finding problems with imports and then handling the problems (either by removing and redoing or by fixing the data directly), but that pushes the QA work from the people who believe the new data will improve the map off onto whoever happens to look for and notice the problems.

In this case, one thing the import process probably would have raised is that the county has parcel data with addresses and property use information (the property use is shown in the "Class Code" field at ). For a lot of data users, the address information is more interesting than the building footprints, and some effort to set a more specific value than building=yes is always nice.

Forest Service Road notes 5 months ago

It's likely necessary to use a command like ogr2ogr /share/gis/extracts/test.shp /share/gis/USFSOsm/ -clipsrc -85.2 46.2 -84.5 46.6 to clip out a smaller region of the OSM tagged shapefile, JOSM doesn't seem to do all that well trying to load the whole file.

Forest Service Road notes 5 months ago

As Jack the Ripper says in the diary entry, many roads in US National Forests are built to provide access to a point of interest and will be maintained for use by passenger vehicles. These are sensibly classified as highway=service.

Forest Service Road notes 5 months ago

This matches up well with what I've done with a nearby area of national forest:

I haven't made an explicit effort to ground check much of it, but I've crossed checked it with USFS data. There is a imagery layer that available that shows the USFS data:

Though I've found it more useful to get the source data from and load an extract of it into JOSM, after adding some OSM tagging ( ) to get nicer styling.

Are maproulette challenges undiscussed mechanical edits? 9 months ago

mvexel, could you explain how to find the challenge creator on MapRoulette?

I can't work out how to do it.

Introduction 9 months ago

There are several messaging systems for OpenStreetMap.

Part of participating in the community is doing your best to respond to messages, as messages from other users are one of the main ways of giving feedback and resolving questions about what an edit means.

What shall we have for diner tonight? 10 months ago

In the US we have many fast food restaurants that do not serve burgers; tacos, chicken, sandwiches and various Asian fusion places are some big categories.

As to the broader point, if the cuisine tags in an area are incomplete or too messy to use, ignoring them is just as effective as not storing them.

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 10 months ago

Glassman, did the "Set WMS Bookmark" method mentioned on the page not work?

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 10 months ago

Hi Glassman if you go to the linked page, from there you can click one of the links like 'Alabama_2015_1m' to add the NAIP layer for that state in JOSM.

POI standardization: Tractor Supply Co. 10 months ago

In the Midwest we also have Mills Fleet Farm and Blain's Farm & Fleet (both modest sized chains). There's a Wikipedia category:

POI standardization: Tractor Supply Co. 10 months ago

Sure I understand the desire to capture that it has lots of pet related merchandise.

The downside is that most data consumers will not interpret the tag at all if there is a semicolon. I guess given the low usage to date of farm_supply it doesn't make much difference.

POI standardization: Tractor Supply Co. 10 months ago

Is there a reason to double up phone and website? I think using one scheme or the other is sufficient and makes updates easier. Maybe not an issue for a single chain, but I think using both shouldn't be encouraged as a general practice.

(in my opinion all the "contact:" scheme really adds is 8 characters, but it isn't worth much arguing, it's trivial for data users to consume all the various tags).

I would also give some consideration to shop=farm_supply without pet, shop is a key where multiple values don't make sense to me. It's been a while since I was in one, but I guess TS isn't anymore of a pet store than say Walmart. Maybe pet=yes or petfood=yes to capture that part of the business?