10 years of OpenStreetMap in Tyumen Oblast (Russia)

Posted by mavl on 12 April 2017 in English (English). Last updated on 25 January 2018.

Tyumen Oblast is small region in Western Siberia. It has total area about 160 000 square kilometres and population about 1 340 000 (308 persons (or 0.02%) are OSM contributors).

Years and years ago first human settlement was marked on OpenStreetMap in Tyumen Oblast. It was Tyumen (was added by contributor LA2). This event happened in 2007.

Many local contributors improved OpenStreetMap after it.

New local contributors

Year is a year when an account was created.

Probably, these contributors live in Tyumen Oblast because they usually edit in this area. Of course, some contributors of other regions improve OpenStreetMap in this area also.

Since 2016 there are local contributors.

New local contributors contributor is a contributor who created first changeset/note using program. One contributor created his account in 2011 but he created his first changeset in 2016.

Many local contributors (64%) usually edit Tyumen’s map. Tyumen is a regional capital with population about 720 000. Tyumen city’s population amounts to about 54% of Tyumen Oblast’s population.

Local contributors

Tyumen Oblast has 2 cities, 3 towns and about 1200 villages. Now OpenStreetMap contains all these human settlements as nodes (or in more details). It’s a good result.


Location: Центральный административный округ, городской округ Тюмень, Tyumen Oblast, Ural Federal District, 625000, Russia

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I like your presentation of the data.

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Alan, thank you.

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