Posted by mattmaxon on 16 February 2009 in English (English)

The track at this location is following a firebreak, all be it one that hasn't been maintained in many many years

This is a common mode of Cross Country or XC travel here locally as trying to penetrate the dense chaparral is a painful and frustration experience for most.

Most of the currently maintained firebreaks are done with firefighting bulldozers caterpillar model D8 or similar heavy equipment

even so they frequently are very steep at 45° - 70°+ degrees

Less frequently these routes are cleared by hand using inmates

motorcycle=(sometimes yes genearally no)
motorcar= (sometimes yes genearally no) this would be better designated with 4WD=(sometimes yes genearally no)

Location: Josephine Peak Road, Hidden Springs, Los Angeles County, California, 91011, United States of America

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