Licensing: Costa Rica without Parks

Posted by markpierce on 11 November 2013 in English (English)

Costa Rica without Parks

Kind of following aIong the lines in the previous excellent post by JimmyRocks, I was hoping that someone would take the time to explain why it is that in the "Greenest Country in the World", Costa Rica, OSM has no hydrographic data and no park boundaries. The data is out there. but it's not on OSM. I thought about adding the sets that are available through the National Geographic Institute, however the IGN prohibits comercial use as does the UNEP/WCMC.

I suppose that I could set up a "clean" server and overlay WCMC over OSM strictly for "not-for-profit" sites... but that doesn't solve the problem that OSM is denied public data.

Location: Bijagua Centro, Bijagua, Cantón Upala, Provincia Alajuela, 21304, Costa Rica

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