Lupang Arenda[CELO] Tagging

Posted by mariannemores on 12 July 2019 in English (English)
 As a Barangay Deparment that holds the census that also records the map of the CELO   (certificate of lot occupancy) which is challenging us from the census in a row / small house when it comes to   CELO to be specifie in each home's house who has availed CELO (certificate) to stand up for   their establishment. 

    * Beneficiaries of 8,000 ISF households or estimated population of Arenda
    * using motor / bicycle / walking using additional street-level imagery with Mapillary
    * plan to increase house numbers
    * supplementing important data (e.g. health centers, place of worship, pharmacy, 
       miscellaneous) without CELO because it is important to the community
    * it has a population of 70,000 hectares
    * future plans for DRR, PWD use, etc.  

Example this CELO Tagging for every house hold addr:neighbourhood: addr:quarter: addr:street: addr:town: addr:village: building: place: ref:PH:CELO:

and it is your best look at where it is clearer and better now in the area of ​​the barangay santa ana taytay rizal.

thank you

Location: Purok 5, Santa Ana, Taytay, Rizal, Calabarzon, 1920, Philippines

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