Hello, i’m maplemoths. This is my first diary entry, and i decided it’d be fun to discuss OSM topics occasionally here.

What have i been mapping recently?

I’ve been doing tons more mapping recently, because it’s pretty fun. It’s nice to just listen to music/twitch stream vods, and just map. Here’s what i’ve mapped recently.


Most recently, i’ve been mapping in Hawai’i. A large amount of my edits actually are in Hawai’i in general, because i used to live there. Specifically, i’ve mostly been editing in the city i lived in, Hilo. When i first started mapping in i believe September of 2022, Hilo’s map quality wasn’t super good. Lots of missing landuse or POIs, lots of stuff that was all offset from eachother, the polygons were really messy, etc. But, i feel like there’s been tons of progress! I’ve been working on making things better, and there’s been some progress from others. There’s been more landuse, i cleaned up lots of the messy/incorrect polygons, and i’ve also micromapped the zoo right outside of the city, but i’ve also done some other stuff in the area.

Plains, Georgia

A lot of times, i map an area because something interesting has happened there, or that it’s significant for an interesting reason. Examples include me mapping Oleona in Pennsylvania because the area was the site of a small failed Norwegian colony, and yes, Plains, Georgia. It’s a small little town right in the south of Georgia that’s famous for being the hometown of US president Jimmy Carter, so i decided to map it! I mostly did landuse and cleanup, and it was quite fun! If you’re wondering, i did not map the town because of Rosalynn Carter’s death, i started the project a month earlier but only finished it after.

What do i plan to do next?

This section is for stuff i want to get to, and maybe i can get some help on if you want!

More Hawai’i

I still have much to do in Hawai’i. My main focuses currently are on landuse, POIs, some micromapping, and a lot of polygon cleanup. The interior of the Big Island has much work that i want to help with, mostly natural stuff. The Hawai’i Volcanoes national park also has some work i’d like to do, mostly natural landuse and trails.

Pueblo, Colorado

I live in Pueblo, so it’s natural i want to do mapping here. I’ve done plenty already, but i have some goals. Pueblo does not have many homes mapped, which i would like to do even though it’ll take a long time. There’s also some landuse that should be done. Once imagery updates, i’d like to micromap some of the new school buildings that have opened recently but aren’t displayed on imagery yet. These schools are Chavez Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy’s recent new school buildings, Centennial High School’s new building, and East High School’s new building.

Monterey, California

When i went there, i loved it. So, i want to do more mapping of the city! I’ve already done some landuse and micromapping of the college, but i’d like to do more.

More outside of the USA

Most of my edits are in the USA, but i’d like to do more worldwide edits. If anyone knows some countries that are undermapped, i’d like to see what they are!


That’s the end of the entry, for now. is there anything that catches your attention about my post, or any questions or help? I’d love to have some! I will post more occasionally. Goodbye, have a great day! :3


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