Weekly roundup - Suspicious mapping

Posted by manoharuss on 27 June 2016 in English (English)

Here is this week’s collection of suspicious mapping observed between 20 - 24th June.

  • This changeset from a new user was observed to be deleting POI’s, beach, public toilets and adding a random square without reference to the imagery or any mentioned source. This was reverted.
  • This changeset changed name of the Paracel islands from Chinese to english, changed the locality from Chinese to Vietnamese, added a traingle on the map with no reference. This was reverted by the DWG.
  • This changeset was observed to be deleting a lot of buildings and roads.
  • This changeset deleted a lot of service roads.
  • In this changeset the nodes had landuse=farmland tag.
  • This changeset had given building=yes tag to resendential areas instead of the individual buildings.
  • This changeset deleted buildings using iD editor with no explanation in the comment.
  • This changeset deleted private roads using the iD editor. This was reverted by the community.
  • This changeset added address tags to every single object in the changeset including the nodes. The cleanup of this changeset was detailed in this diary post.

And ofcourse, look forward to this roundup again next week. If you observe any suspicious mapping, comment on the changeset and let the mapper know. Mistakes happen all the time.

Happy mapping!

Weekly observations between 27th to 30th June can be found here.

Comment from GinaroZ on 28 June 2016 at 13:16

This one went unnoticed for over 2 years, looked like fictional things added to the map:

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