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Posted by malenki on 27 November 2015 in English (English)

Just in time before the annually shopping month starts I want to present the state of the German Amazon Affiliate Program.

Since I started the Affiliate Program at for OSM 6178 products got purchased which resulted as of today (27.11.2015) in Amazon sales of 174.605,76 EUR. The fees transferred to OSM amount to 8.065,74 EUR, with fees still to be paid they sum up to 8.723,71 EUR. (Amazon pays the fee three months after generating because of probable returns.)

So if you purchase the one or other thing in December and consider shopping at Amazon please use the Affiliate link for, or – depending on where you shop. If you want to install an Amazon search engine in Firefox with that link you can do so at the German OSM donation page.

The fees from are transferred to the FOSSGIS e.V. the contact of OSM in Germany.
Two times I myself got helped by the FOSSGIS – as I purchased a canvas for OSM booths and lately *cough* a refund of expenses for overnight accommodation while managing an OSM booth for three days. In the FOSSGIS wiki you can ask for funding for your project if it is related to OSM (or if it matches the association’s goals) and also see a list of already funded projects. Everybody – also when not being a member – can ask the FOSSGIS for funding OSM related Projects. I myself (still?) am not member of it.

Thus said, I want to thank everybody who donated directly or indirectly to OSM.
Happy Mapping!

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