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Posted by malenki on 13 April 2014 in English (English)

JOSM seems to get translated at transifex and launchpad, you can file bugs against JOSM at and github, you can file bug against a lot of OSM things at and github, too.

It doesn't matter when all resources are handled equally, but it is not so nice when you look at the wrong place

Comment from don-vip on 14 April 2014 at 09:18

Not exactly.

JOSM is still translated at Launchpad. The transifex instance is a work in progress, stating "Test setup – live translation is still at". See #8645 for progress updates.

You cannot file JOSM bugs on Github, check again. It was possible in the past to create issues on this unofficial mirror (which seems not maintained anymore by the way), but we have asked to disable this feature to avoid confusion.

The only components for which two bugtrackers exist in the JOSM ecosystem are Github-hosted JOSM plugins. We assure some support of standard plugins (the ones hosted on OSM SVN), thus issues are managed on our Trac instance. For Github plugins we don't, so we upstream bugs to their respective project in the hope to see them fixed by their original author(s).

I hope it brings some clarification. I agree this is not always easy to understand, but there's not an evil plan designed to confuse people :)

Comment from malenki on 15 April 2014 at 03:36

Yes, you clarified some things. But I think I won't be the last person who translates iD at transifex and looks there for JOSM without realizing it is just a test setup.

Regarding trac vs github: at least for "mapnik"/ carto you can file bugs at each platform.

Comment from dieterdreist on 15 April 2014 at 15:21

yes, but for the carto-implementation of the mapnik style, github is the preferred place to file tickets, while trac is a heritage of former days. From time to time a developer checks for tickets in trac and pulls them to github, but the place where the people actually work is github.

I agree that I had also some problems initially in finding the josm trac as it is not part of but is hosted on (again, this is a heritage of the project past). Btw. also the JOSM wiki is hosted there and not on

The policy for all these development subsystems is to make work easy for the developers, they choose the system they like to manage their code (and issues) in (e.g. svn vs. git).

Comment from Bernhard Hiller on 16 April 2014 at 17:36

Yeah, you are right. I suggest we could add a new site which could then unify the currently existing sites. See also:

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