Importing collected waypoints I

Posted by malenki on 11 September 2013 in English (English)

(This is mostly a note2self)

  • Merge all files collected containing waypoints using gpsbabel:
    $ gpxappend Waypoints*.gpx
  • Convert the resulting file to csv:
    $ 2csv appended.gpx
  • sort the resulting file for the names of the Waypoints (and lowercase the names):
    (this helps when you edit the file to work on similar points with c&p)
    $ less appended.csv | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]| awk -F ";" '{print $3";"$1";"$2}'| sort | awk -F ";" '{print $2";"$3";"$1}' > appended_lower_sort.csv
  • edit the csv file to your liking
    40.50591;20.22520;;h20 -> 40.50591;20.22520;amenity;drinking_water
    40.07476;20.13942;;hotel relax > 40.07476;20.13942;tourism;hotel;name;Hotel Relax
    I prefer to do this editing with libreoffice.

(When I am done with the editing, part II will follow)

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