SRTM contourlines for Garmin, my first

Posted by malenki on 6 July 2013 in English (English)

During preparing my holidays for Albania (Shqipëria) I found a nice mini howto for creating contourlines. This is just a short writeup for mostly note2self and reinforcing the memory of it for the next time. :)

First I fetched the SRTM Data by a list I created from the files visible here: - the list looks like this:
Here N*xy* and E*xy* show the lat/lon of the region which the contained SRTM data covers.

for i in $(less list); do wget"$i"; done

Then I converted them to OSM data using the acommodated commandline from the howto:

[phyghtmap][2] -j 3 --source=view1,srtm1,view3,srtm3 --start-node-id=1 --start-way-id=1 --max-nodes-per-tile=0 --max-nodes-per-way=250 --gzip=9 -s 10 -c 100,50 -a 19:39:21:41 -o SRTM-SQ

I just changed to -j 3 for some parallel processing and the -a 19:39:21:41 which defines the bbox -a LEFT:DOWN:RIGHT:UP.

Running mkgmap on the resulting OSM file gave an error - I found out one has to split that OSM file beforehand:

java -Xmx10000m -jar ~/bin/[splitter.jar][3] SRTM-SQ.osm.gz > splitter.log

Then I ran mkgmap on the split files:

java -jar ~/bin/[mkgmap.jar][4] --transparent --draw-priority=100 --gmapsupp 6324000*

Amongst others a gmapsupp.img is created - the file of my desire.

renaming it mv gmapsupp.img srtm_sq.img
and changing it's name [gmt][5] -wm "srtm sq" srtm_sq.img
is just a minor tuning.
A short test shows the file works - yay!

Thanks to all the people creating that nice lot of OSS and some documentation!

PS: As (not only I) said: MarkDown sucks!
I used the quite handy editor from, but the code he creates is not fully understood by this blog platform.
Here are the links - not integrated but by footnotes..:
* [1]:
* [2]:
* [3]:
* [4]:
* [5]:

Location: Frashër, Bashkia Përmet, Gjirokastër County, Southern Albania, 6408, Albania

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