OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.17.0

Posted by kocio on 23 November 2018 in English (English). Last updated on 18 December 2018.

Dear all,

Today, v4.17.0 of the OpenStreetMap Carto stylesheet (the default stylesheet on the OSM website) has been released. Once changes are deployed on the it will take couple of days before all tiles show the new rendering.

Changes include

  • Showing natural areas from z5
  • Cleaning up medium zoom rendering, including:
    • Making societal amenities look like residential on z10-z12
    • Rendering motorway junction names from z13 instead of z12
    • Dropping buildings up to z13 instead of z12
    • Correctly dropping minor waterways from z13
    • Rendering intermittent streams/ditches/drains from z15
    • Reducing lightening of tramways
  • Rendering religious landuse and place of worship lighter
  • Adding text-repeat-distance for highway names
  • Rendering dots for gastronomy objects on z17
  • Changing icon for tourism=artwork
  • Adding icons for memorial subtags
  • Rendering man_made=telescope
  • Rendering amenity=internet_cafe
  • Adding icon for amenity=public_bookcase
  • Adding icons for barrier=cattle_grid and barrier=stile
  • Adding icon for leisure=fishing
  • Rendering entrance for underground parking
  • Rendering basin=detention/infiltration as intermittent water
  • Tweaking outline of swimming pools and rendering it from z17
  • Moving danger_area into landuse-overlay
  • Buildings code rewrite

Thanks to all the contributors for this release including jeisenbe, a new contributor.

For a full list of commits, see…v4.17.0

As always, we welcome any bug reports at

Comment from EdLoach on 23 November 2018 at 08:32

I’m guessing there is a typo in “Dropping buildings up to z13 instead of z13” because otherwise I think even I could have written that patch ;)

Comment from kocio on 23 November 2018 at 11:40

@EdLoach: I guess Matthijs was just counting from the highest zoom levels up to 0:

@Antonino Giaramida: This problem is known, but I don’t know what could be the solution and how it exactly relates to OSM Carto:

Comment from ArielRod on 23 November 2018 at 13:27

Nice. Thank you a lot for your good job.

We are mapping in Panama SW.

Comment from kocio on 23 November 2018 at 14:27

Great, nice to see some of the icons and colors I’ve designed personally in such remote places. :-)

Comment from AB-inf-x-chg-AB on 25 November 2018 at 20:47

-Rendering amenity=internet_cafe
-Adding icon for amenity=public_bookcase
only when they are tagged with additional “name=*“-attribute?
If so, on purpose?

Comment from kocio on 25 November 2018 at 20:57

No, we just test objects with names to be sure that the name will be visible if it’s included, but in OSM Carto there is separate code for name labels and icon rendering. Why do you think the icons could rely on names?


Comment from AB-inf-x-chg-AB on 25 November 2018 at 21:55

Fine. No, I don’t think they should rely on names.
I assume, I watched on non updated tiles…
Thanks for showing these Examples. :-)

Comment from kocio on 25 November 2018 at 23:30

Oh, I see. :-) Sorry for not being clear - I just wandered where you got this idea from.

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