River Trent-side bits and pieces and leisure=sports_centre rendering

Posted by kevjs1982 on 2 June 2009 in English (English)

So taking advantage of the sunny weekend I have managed to get some more parts of Nottinghamshire filled in.

Firstly the riverside paths from the A52 flyover to Barton-in-Fabis (the Sony Ericsson C905 is useless under the tree canopy so they may be a bit approximate) and now on the map.

The bridleway from Barton-in-Fabis to Thrumpton is filled in (A new (unmapped) path seams to be appearing on top of the flood defences dispite notices to the prohibiting it!) - although I failed to mark the change from road to bridleway so have for now assumed that the new bit is bridleway and the old bit is road. I'm also unsure how accurate the road are round here, my GPS traces are about 20 meters off the roads mapped - no idea if the roads mapped or wrong of if my phone threw another wobbley.

Added an underpass to the A453, and extended the power station a tad - no obvious path to mark the edges accurately.

An previously unmarked cycleway from Kegworth to the A50 J1 via M1 J24 is now on the map.

Now to the questions... While I was round Thane Road and Lenton Lane I took a note of the various sports clubs and using my visual memory and the aerial photography I think I have correctly (more or less) added them all. They seam to have come up reasonably well on Mapnik using the following tags:

name=Pelican Colts FC

This is okay, buildings are drawn on top as you would expect, as are service roads, and the P indicating car parks - but the car parks themselves disappear (presumably rendered underneath).

Without the "leisure=sports_centre" tag only the names appear on the map - now is this a fault of the renderer (Mapnik) or am I using the wrong tags?

My expectation is that the leisure tag should be drawn at the bottom level, indicating this area is used for a leisure activity (in this case Association Football), then everything else would be drawn on top - I.e. the whole land belonging to/rented by (in this example) Pelican Colts FC would get a "box" and be shaded - within that box would be a football pitch, some grass for spectators to stand on, the car park, the road leading to it, changing rooms, bar and anything else - being private property it would be hard to the exact areas of each mapped - only an educated guess can be done from photography. (Anyway Sports_Centre seams to be the wrong tag anyway - that implies multiple sports but I can't find a better one)

On the amenity=university tag setting the layer to -1 appears to have the desired effect, but is that what we should be doing (i.e. Don't tag for the renderer)?

Location: Dunkirk, Wollaton, Nottingham, East Midlands, England, NG7 2JS, United Kingdom

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