gps unit for sale on ibood

Posted by kenguest on 22 May 2009 in English (English)

I've nothing to do with except that I'm a happy customer of theirs after having bought a lenovo laptop off them a year or so ago.

Thought I'd mention, for one day only [as it always is with iBood], they are selling a i-gotU GT-120 USB GPS Receiver Travel Logger for 40 euro - details at

Pertinent Details are:
Built-in SiRF StarIII low-power chipset
Programmable log interval: 1 sec - 60 minutes
Average acquisition time for cold start: < 60 sec., warm start: < 38 sec.

it might be the one piece of hardware you need to kickstart a more active approach to do openstreetmap mapping ;-)

Comment from Tordanik on 23 May 2009 at 00:15

Your link seems to be broken. I guess it was supposed to be

Comment from kenguest on 29 May 2009 at 13:16

it was :(

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