Posted by kastellano on 28 February 2019 in English.


I create a Videomapia. This is a geo-search of videos. For the searching it is used GPS. Therefore, the accuracy of the search is very high.

The site is a bit like Google Street View or Mapillary. But watch the video more interesting. It moves and there is a natural sound. Videos are added by users in various places. Often in these places there are no photos of other services. Just this уasy to add new data, no need to install applications, etc. Just need a video camera and gps logger.

videomapia overview Watch a overview of Videomapia - Sometimes there are 360 videos, but usually they are dashcams.

On the first page of the site there is a map on which the red lines show the places where the video was filmed. To search for videos, left-click on the map where the red lines are. Previews of found videos appear on the left. There are also links to watching videos.

When watching a video, the mark on the map shows the location of the shot. The label moves synchronously with the video. You can rewind the video and the label itself will move to a new location. You can also click on the track on the map and the video is rewound to this place.

Please add tracks to your videos. Videos hosted on YouTube - additional promotion of your channel. I can help add your tracks.

Videos can be used to create or check the maps. Please repost information about this site to your friends.

// I translated this text as a translator, I apologize for the errors.


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