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Pizza service

Posted by kallies on 8 February 2009 in English.

A few days ago my girlfriend and I ordered pizza at a local pizza delivery service. Because we were on the way to her brother and the pizza service was not far away we picked up the pizza ourselves. My logger was turned on so I saved the whole track but the problem is how to tag this pizza service? I found food_service=pizza but is this key/value really the right one? Which one would you prefer?

Location: 79761, Baden-Württemberg, 79761, Germany

Manipulating EXIF-data

Posted by kallies on 3 February 2009 in English.

After taking pictures while mapping I had the idea of adding gps coordinates to these pictures taken. I knew that this is possible but I never did it. There was only a loose binding because I had my pictures on one hand an my traces on the other. Today I tried getting these gps digits into my pictures. First I had some trouble with manipulating EXIF-data but exiv2 ( did the job. After that adding gps data was a breeze with gpscorrelate ( BTW, the CLI version. ;-)

Location: 79761, Baden-Württemberg, 79761, Germany

Mapping in Waldshut-Tiengen

Posted by kallies on 23 July 2008 in English.

Hi, folks!

After collecting some tracks of Waldshut-Tiengen (WT) and vector-drawing in JOSM, I am a little bit dissatisfied. Some details are not rendered the way I like and there is a thorn in my side. There is a part of a freeway (A98) around WT and another part is located at Laufenburg. But the link between these two parts is only a concept, not a final land-use plan. There is more than one option but one option has already been clicked into OSM. A few days ago another user changed the A98 concept in a bad way so I had to revert to the old one. This was the cause to write about that thorn. It's not a nicely rendered map if there is a street which doesn't exist...

So long!

Location: 79761, Baden-Württemberg, 79761, Germany