JOSM 7995 released

Posted by josmeditor on 2 February 2015 in English (English).

The January version of JOSM is now available as version 7995 :)

This version is mainly a bugfix release, here are the release notes for visible enhancements:

Notable changes

major enhancements

  • Show photo direction arrow for thumbnail

minor enhancements

  • Presets/Map styles/Validator:
    • complete review across the whole preset menu, to make icons and supported geometries of preset/mappaint/validator/wiki more consistent
    • add to preset note, fixme and description, construction, bicycle_repair_station, highway=escape, brand=Eni,Socar
    • fix validator for motorcycle_parking, sport withbuilding, aeroway=terminal, conifer, natural=peak + sport=climbing, place_of_worship without religion, noname=yes, multipolygons and boundaries, levels, unnamed roundabout
    • fix aerialway, route, facilities, place, natural, associated street relations, shop, man_made, historic and bridge, power, highway=traffic_signal + crossing=no, farm_auxiliary, barn and farm, protect_class, water, transport, pharmacy
  • Size check for source comments
  • Proper selection state in selection dialog
  • Usability for history dialog

Summarized changelog

Complete changelog

Milestone view (need login)

Happy mapping,

The JOSM team

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