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Funny Things happen in Antarctica over 7 years ago

And yet another at

Funny Things happen in Antarctica over 7 years ago

I just deleted a similar edit in southern Niger at

Small change not uploading over 8 years ago

I have noticed this behavior as well. I think all changes should result in an update. It seems wrong that only updates that change shape are updated.

Removing a large contribution over 8 years ago

It had been better if the import was discussed on the wiki beforehand, I agree. The imported material should have been tagged with source. However, there is no question that the imported data is better than the previous. I estimate that the new material is at least 10 to 100 times more accurate. The map looks great with every building, house and shed, in place.

I understand that people reacted to the phrase "removing a large contribution", but in fact the contribution has not been removed. It has been replaced with a much better contribution. As long as there is no licensing issues here, I can't see that anything wrong has been done.

Removing a large contribution over 8 years ago

Thats almost right, CoreyBurger. Data can be deleted at any time. But not without reason. Data can be deleted, or rather replaced, with better data at any time. In this case, buildings with approximated coordinates where removed so that they could be added with much more accurate positions. Without this principle, there is no way to improve the map, since someone have added each point and segment in the database.

I have spent many hours drawing roads and buildings in the region, but there is no way that I would object if authorities donated all the country's official GIS data to OSM. That wouldn't be possible if old inaccurate data couldn't be removed in the process.

Removing a large contribution over 8 years ago

Well, I suppose that CoreyBurger didn't look at the changes. It is in fact a great contribution that the municipality of Staffanstorp did, to upload all buildings in very great detail. I don't see any other way than to remove the corse outlines of the same buildings during this process. It may be unfortunate that someone made an effort to draw buildings based upon areal images, but if they can be replaced with all building outlines based on official GIS information, there is no other way to do it! I say thank you very much for donating the official data to OpenStreetMap!

Flamingo Ave says it's Flamingo Dr. - but its been corrected in database about 9 years ago

It may take up to several days from an edit before the map is rendered. However, I have noticed lately that rendering often is fast, but that old versions of the map is cached locally on my computer. I sometimes have to do shift-reload in the web-browser, to get the latest version of rendered map images.