Here in Lima, from are orginizing a course about osm and social and it humanitarian uses in prevention and gestion of emergencies. This course will be held in Social Sciences Faculty, at San Marcos National University, and will be focused in participation, community and geographical opendata and will be as introduction to osm world.

The course is programed from nov 19th to dic 17th, and have 60 academics hours in that we’ll develop 13 issues related with openstreetmap’s tools and community. As part of this activity we go out in a journy of two days of field work to put in action in the ground the kwonledges builded and learned in the first half of the program.

We would like to share this kind of experience with others osm communities. In a next edition, soon, we want incorporate teachers from others experiences by videoconferences. If you are interested in participate, please, don’t dubte and take contact with us.

Help us sharing the announcement of the course at: on facebook or twitter Curso cartografia social participativa

Location: Urbanizacion Las Brisas, Lima, Province of Lima, Lima Metropolitan Area, Lima, 15081, Peru

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