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Celebrating the 500th MapComplete-contributor 8 months ago

Great project, well-made

Camera tripod prototype to capture Mapillary images by bike 11 months ago

That’s a heck of setups over there, amazing job.

Proper tagging for conditional restriction and which services are reading them? 12 months ago

I guess it’s necessary because most signs show weight of trucks and not just any vehicle (assuming the local traffic code has a generic vehicle sign for max weight). So, why not tag it for hgv if the sign explicitly refers to trucks and not just any type of vehicle? Regardless of practicality.

About Me 12 months ago

Hello there. Abandoned rails? That’s pretty good and useful.

Proper tagging for conditional restriction and which services are reading them? 12 months ago

Thanks for the response

Since the definition of the sign isn’t quite clear if it’s about defined or actual weight of the truck, it indeed makes sense to add the maxweight key, even additionally with the other key, just to be “clear” in case any app will actually use it.

Today Marks The End Of My Edits 12 months ago

We all reach the point where we get sick of mapping, for various reasons of course. Mainly for losing the interest.

Take care and be safe

hi 12 months ago

Hello there

First diary entry. 12 months ago

Hello Sophie.

That’s some great contribution and involvement over there. Gj

Flat number vs house number? Looking forward to read the post, mainly because I don’t really see how can someone confuse them. In my opinion, house number means the building, and flat number the part of the building.

test 12 months ago


Testing 12 months ago

Click ok

2020 Editor Usage about 1 year ago

Those are interesting stats. Thanks for sharing the cumulation.
I see JOSM is used as massively as iD.

Back from the Dead about 1 year ago

I guess your Internet connection improved at a good time (lockdown intesifies)

Revitalize Diversity and Inclusion in OSMF about 1 year ago

Great concept indeed, but maybe the lack of activity is on not enough promotion and general lack of interest.

The original reason I started editing OpenStreetMap about 1 year ago

That’s indeed the most frequent reason most people started mapping in OSM. Great job.

Changesets has reached 10,000 with 10 years after join to OSM about 1 year ago

That’s an amazing journey, great work. Don’t burnout yourself and stay positive with the people around you.

Turkish OpenStreetMap Documentation / Türkçe OpenStreetMap Belgelendirmesi about 1 year ago

That’s awesome, great job.

Changesets: few and bulky or many and light? about 1 year ago

This makes sense to be honest. One changeset for a specific type of edits, so to be easier to track down in the future what edits and where those are. Or even multiple types of edits, but within a specific area, in a style of segmenting a bigger area.

I like your thinking everyone, it’s amazing to read such logical ways of editing and at the same time to view several random changesets viewable in my area because other people like to do edits in different part of the Earth in the same changeset. :D

First diary entry about 1 year ago

Welcome to the activity of OSM (since you are registered from 2012 :d).

Well, even though Diaries may not be a common means of communication (because not many people use/read them), in my opinion it still serves as a good way of direct QnA style for mappers via this website (and therefore the iD editor). Although it may be difficult to find many non-English users to direct some post towards, but it becomes a good archive :d

Yes, “diaries” is referred usually to personal stories/experiments, but in the context of OpenStreetMap it became more of a presentation of propositions/tools/regional updates. Still lovely :d

Like others, I also would describe contribution to OpenStreetMap similar to contributing to Wikipedia. Improving/adding stuff you know and that are useful enough to be mentioned, along with quality-citations wherever possible to ensure that no one will disclaim your words (ok, a bit harsh :P).

fixation about 1 year ago

:( don’t leave us yet

Correcting/improving stuff in your area is cool

New project to do i18n on Mapnik-based maps is here - "osm-wikinames" about 1 year ago

That’s pretty amazing concept and illustration. And of course, as you shown in the examples, it all depends on how much completed are the wiki data about any place in any language.

Serbian in this case, indeed has a weirdly wide coverage of several pages in Wikidata and Wikipedia of any language, unlike other big languages do.