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railway main line tagging

Posted by jaimemd on 25 January 2014 in English (English)

Dear Friends around Ekaterinburg,

I removed a lot of service=trunk or service=regional entries from railways beause this makes them completely invisible in ITO's railway tracks map Also I added tracks=*

The lines to Kamiensk-Uralski and Tscheljabinsk were the first ones I edited.

I hope this did not lead to any damage. If yes I will try to fix it again. Both tags do not appear in the osm wiki while usage=main is recommended for main passenger lines. The rendering in Mapnik or standard view ist apparently not affected by my changes.

The tracks=* seems a bit tricky since it can apply to different situations. So one line can represent several parallel railway tracks. On the other hand there can be a single track railway line be parallel to one or more spur railways. I used this tag in order tell in which way the line is operated. So tracks=1 means a train must wait somewhere if a train in the opposite direction needs to pass. I used tracks=2 if there is one track for each direction irrespective of being one or two ways drawn. I left tracks missing for some large stations and intersections.