Day II

Posted by jæwesome on 22 January 2018 in English (English).

dipping toes into the OSM pool. 11 random edits in a quick session. Added some pools & fleshed out some data for water towers. Came across an antenna quandary. Added part of the Putah Creek drainage ditch. Slowly getting an idea of what is going on, considering how to scale edits up

here is stream of conscious musings: so I’m adding this ditch, I specifically didn’t touch the powerline but it’s showing up in the editchain?? did I bump it or is it because the thing I’m adding crosses it?

also I’ve added some cellphone Antennas that are bolted onto the side of the theatre downtown on F & 1st . The closest I can get is man_made=mast They are just additions to the building but noteworthy infrastructure. How should I quantify this in OSM? comm_tower ? cell_antenna ? please advise best course of action

when I try to draw in some of these swimming pools if I get complex it won’t give me swimming pool, I have to make it less nodes. Any ideas? Upon further introspective this seems to be UI clunkyness furthered by my mouse interactions… you know what they say

is there a way to note art pieces integrated into buildings, or for that matter inside. The life sciences has a 4 story double helix in a stairwell facing the exterior. Any way to note that on OSM effectively? I know interior isn’t what it’s all about just wondering

Comment from shrddr on 22 January 2018 at 10:46

1) If the ditch you added has a common node (common point) with an existing powerline, than yes, that means you’ve modified the powerline. But honestly they should not have a common node because they do not physically intersect. 2) Maybe man_made=antenna? 3) Start with simple shapes like a square - you can always modify it later and add more detail. 4) Add a node to the wall and tag it with toursim=artwork

Comment from BCNorwich on 22 January 2018 at 14:39

Hi, the ditch is joined to the power line at ‘Node: 5354204904’. You’ve also drawn the ditch crossing two cycle ways with no indication how this cross over is achieved, ford, bridge or culvert? Regards Bernard

Comment from jæwesome on 22 January 2018 at 22:14

must have touched the power line when I was guesstimating where that ditch lies, I swore I hit undo but it must have been the user error like I suspected all along. Going to actually get a real trace up soon for it just lacking hardware -_-

about where it crosses the power line is a bridge that is contiguous with the bike path, it’s not listed as bridge I noticed that & put it in my change log I was focused on the ditch, the part closer to the freeway has several 1 meter tubes that allow it to run under the concrete path & into the massive blocked to access but real drain culvert that goes under hwy80. Technically the creek continues along that administrative boundary till it hits that open space then eventually the deep water channel but I would need to walk it. It’s a continuation of the actual Putah Creekbed which is now contained in the closed Arboretum section

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