Viewing OSM data quick'n'easy in QGIS

Posted by happygo on 29 November 2019 in English (English)
  1. export and save data from
    • map.osm
  2. open qgis
  3. in qgis top menu, select Vector > OpenStreetMap > Import Topology from XML…
    • “Input XML file” < map.osm
    • rename “Output Spatialite DB file” to something unique, unique.osm.db
    • rename “Connection name” to something unique, unique_connection
  4. in qgis top menu, select Vector > OpenStreetMap > Export OpenStreetMap Topology to SpatiaLite…
    • “Input DB file” < unique.osm.db
    • Select the “Export type” that you’re interested in
    • Put a meaningful name in “Output layer name”
    • Hit “Load from DB”, and select/deselect the export type features with the tags you’re interested in
    • Hit “OK”
    • Repeat for all OSM feature types you’re interested in
  5. Pan around and inspect the features
    • Select layer to inspect in the “Layers Panel”
    • View specific features with the “Identify Features” tool, ctrl + shift + i

Comment from philippec on 29 November 2019 at 19:37

Step one is on top of the screen next to “Edit” and “History”.

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