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closed 4013585 Wolf Icefang

There is a Summit Credit Union here.
Location 6035A

via StreetComplete 55.0

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closed 4020351

Poopy poop fart poop

closed 4020427 Orion Run

Beyond this point is a private drive.

closed 4020431 Orion Run

Road stops here it does not go through the house.

closed 4020438 Orion Run

New York Ave. ends here

closed 3894431 Sean Greenslade

Duplicate address nodes here?

via StreetComplete 54.0

closed 4019614

Heyy wryd

closed 4019617

Come by and c me

closed 4019618

Yes come c me

closed 3864274 dragonhearttheone

Unable to answer "What’s this pole made of?" for via StreetComplete 53.3:

I don't see any power pole here, might have been moved underground?

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