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Mapper since:
April 17, 2019
Last map edit:
July 15, 2024

Based in Northern Colorado. But that doesn’t mean I don’t scrutinize street view photographs!

Editing mostly places I’ve driven by at some point in the fairly recent past just so I see fewer errors when using OSM on my Garmin nüvi 200 and nüvi 200W, and hope that the edits help others as the map becomes more like what I see in real life.

Feel free to bug me about anything I did. Since I’m not a bot, I make mistakes. I got started hacking OSM by fixing turn restrictions that were flagged as bad from mkgmap from the OpenMapChest project, but now I think I’ve gotten enough magic in my iD spellbook that almost anything is now game that I once thought could be done only with other editors. What good is this? We need to get rid of those silly red X’s ( OSM notes) that litter the map everywhere!

BTW “OCD” really is “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.” Sorry.

(Joke, Do Not Take Seriously, though it does make one think.)

How to identify buildings in the USA from just satellite imagery:

  1. If it’s as smaller than a car, it’s a shed.
  2. If it’s as deep as a car, it’s a garage.
  3. If it’s rectangular or L-shape and no more than the size of a few cars long, it’s a house
  4. If it’s long and rectangular and a parking lot in front, it’s a strip mall
  5. If it’s really long and skinny, and there’s a bunch of them nearby, it’s a self storage company.
  6. If it’s a large rectangular building with a large hole in the center or large U- shaped building with a pool nearby, it’s an apartment building.
  7. If it’s a large building with cars on top and has no windows, it’s a parking garage
  8. If it’s a rectangle, single floor, and huge with no holes, it’s a warehouse.
  9. If it looks like a hash symbol (#) then it’s an insane asylum.