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Mapper since:
January 22, 2023
Last map edit:
June 12, 2024

Hi there, my name is Tyler. I’m an armchair mapper based in the Greater St. Louis region of the US state of Missouri.

Map Interests

I have been doing a lot of manual QA on roads in Missouri. If you have a quality concern for a Missouri state route, U.S. Route, or an Interstate route, I would love to take a look at it! Coherency and consistency of state-maintained routes are very important to me. I’ve especially taken to fixing up our supplemental state route network, as many other maps I’ve seen handle SSRs remarkably poorly outside of populous places (even on Google Maps). There are thousands of SSRs, but I am finding and fixing the egregious errors first using Overpass Turbo. Based on my triaging, there are fewer than one hundred large topology errors (e.g. missing concurrencies or incorrect routing through towns) and fewer than four hundred small topology errors with SSRs, and that’s manually doable. Geometry errors are not as important as topology errors to me, but I fix what I can.

If I make a mistake or you have a concern with an edit of mine, please reach out to me directly in a discussion thread or a message. I want to maximize the usefulness of the OSM database however I can, so please let me know if an edit I made steps on any toes.

My grade of OSM’s Missouri routes: B- (there are sporadic missing concurrencies even among numbered routes, and SSR relations are missing)

P.S. Did you know there is only one place in the state of Missouri where three supplemental state routes are concurrent? It’s among B, C, and ZZ, underneath U.S. 61 as seen here.

Update 2024/6/10: It seems Missouri supplemental routes have been getting some attention from other mappers since I took a break 6 or so months ago. (Yay!) Will update my bio with stats on supplemental route progress at some point…

I see we’re also finally nuking names on ways for un-aliased, systematically-designated routes (e.g. “State Road D” or “Route B” or–my personal favorite–“Aa Highway”). I was doing this a year ago, but it obviously wasn’t consensus yet since they kept getting added back. Glad to see them go. Concurrencies were so misleading.

Intellectual Property

All of my contributions—e.g., my map edits, changeset discussion comments, note comments, GPS traces, and wiki edits—are made available to everyone under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 waiver. If one of my contributions cannot be used under CC0-1.0 for some reason (such as by incorporating ODbL content), that doesn’t affect any of my other contributions.