Trace from Florida Ave to Eastwood

Posted by gnumen on 30 June 2014 in English (English)

We walked all the way to Eastwood more than once but this time I took my GTA02 with me to trace the path - from Marsden Rd -> Lawson St -> Brush Rd -> Rutledge Rd -> Eastwood. The usual process of downloading/cache the maps using wifi which required SD card ( went without any glitch. The maps were downloaded using the wifi WPA2(AES). In order to overcome the MAC based pass thru for captive portal of Pfsense entered the MAC addr of netgear in the Pass thru MAC table( risk, I know). BUT when ever the gps is enabled, the GTA02 almost within seconds alarms about low battery which wasn't the case previously but this time only difference that I found was that after every reboot I was not made to configure the SD card and the SD card retained the previous gps traces as well as the map cache(s).. Hmmmm should I call it usual or unusual. I took care of the low battery issue with the Sony cycleenergy Power bank. Don't know why it's behaving in such a manner. ##Some random observation(s)/steps taken - In the flight without the SIM card was able to trace without the battery outage alert for quiet sometime. - After reaching Florida ave the device was not able to retain the battery power even for a day. without GSM sim or any other services disabled. - Placed the sim and replaced the SD card once again.

We came back from Eastwood by Public transport system(BUS) - from Eastwood -> HillView Rd -> Terry Rd -> Marsden Rd

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