An example of how to not map a campground.

Posted by giggls on 11 September 2022 in English.

Recently I started an attempt to make the campsites shown on googleable.

One part of this attempt will be an indexable list of campsites by country.

However, the main trouble with this seems to be broken mapping which will make the generation of such a list really cumbersome.

As an Example I came across this place:

There are multiple problems with this site in its current form. I will fix them later but use it as an illustration for a broken site first.

The main problem here are nodes tagged tourism=caravan_site and tents=yes which reside inside two polygons tagged tourism=camp-site.

As an example we have a node tagged:

  • name =C11
  • power_supply=yes
  • tents=yes
  • tourism =caravan_site

The way this node should be tagged instead is:

  • tourism=camp_pitch
  • caravans=yes
  • tents=yes
  • ref=C11
  • power_supply=yes

Please do never map individual pitches as tourism=caravan_site or tourism=camp_site. Use tourism=camp_pitch instead.

This said, in this case even the two polygons are not individual camp-sites themselves.

What should be done instead is merging the two polygons tagged tourism=camp_site ( and into one multipolygon with two outer rings as we are obviosly talking about one single campground rather than two. I also consider “Campground Loop A” a feature of one of these rings rather than its name. So best would be using the description tag on the to be created rings then.

The name tag of the to be created Multipolygons should then be Fort Pickens Campground which is surprisingly tagged on none of the objects currently.

I do not have local knowledge of this campground but there may well be camp-site features outside these polygons.

The way to map the site in this case would be a site relation. I wrote about this in my blog some time ago:


Comment from giggls on 11 September 2022 at 16:21

Just found out, that there are about 2500 sites worldwide which contain other campsites. This is bad!

I would be happy to find a few people willing to help fixing this.

I made a bug view (updated along with the update cycle) to help fixing these sites:

Comment from LySioS on 4 October 2022 at 19:19

I would be happy to find a few people willing to help fixing this.

You should create a MapRoulette challenge

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