Since I started I do a lot of campsite-mapping.

Doing that I quickly realized, that just using capacity is ambiguous when used for campsites. Thus I just ignore it on my map and show it as a bug if used.

While there is often a limit on persons in backcountry campsites, tourist sites tend to have a limit regarding the number of tents or caravans!

So how to map? Well this is what I suggest to do:

  • If the number of people allowed to use the site is limited tag capacity:persons appropriately.
  • If the number of tents or caravans/RV is restricted use capacity:tents or capacity:caravans
  • If the site has a fixed number of pitches and does not distinguish between using them with a tent or caravan/RV use capacity:pitches instead.


Comment from EdLoach on 16 August 2022 at 10:33

I see that you’ve also updated the capacity and camp_site wiki pages, which is what I was going to suggest. I think it is great that someone who understands campsite mapping has seen the problem with the capacity tag being ambiguous and has suggested better tagging to help improve the data.

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