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Potlatch 2.5 almost 4 years ago

As for me I would also vote for tags on lines by default. And for the hotkey for this as well

Potlatch 2.5 almost 4 years ago

Congrats with the release. Is there any hotkey to cycle through relations on the way?

Мои правки. over 4 years ago

Большая работа. Круто!

Тротуары over 4 years ago

Как мне подсказали в комментариях к английской версии этой записи, для узких улочек иногда уместнее ставить тэг тротуара на саму улицу: >The simplest method is to tag the associated highway with sidewalk=both/left/right/none as appropriate for those sections of sidewalk that are parallel with the carriageway

The importance of sidewalks over 4 years ago

Good note, thank you!