One of the main feature I love to map while hiking are abandoned houses/isolate dwellings. It’s full of them in the parks I usually go around and they are more often than not in a good state. Leaving aside the fact that after a few years I’m STILL not sure what the exact tag should be (locality? isolated_dwelling? abandoned:isolated_dwelling?) the main “problem” I have is with the one I don’t reach: there are so many abandoned places marked on OSM that have no road/path leading there. I suppose most of them come from mass import from public data-set or maybe someone copying data from other maps, but it baffles me how many un-mapped way are there in the mountains. I love exploring and I would love to complete some zone, but it seems like an effort so huge that feels impossible.


Comment from luisforte on 2 April 2020 at 01:32

I also do it, love to do it and consider it important! I’ve been doing it for the last four years and, as you surely know, one can feel the difference with so many edits. Keep doing it, I’ll do the same! ;)

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