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Geonames bulk import into OSM 29 days ago

well done bro , i'm happy for that , im from iraq - kurdistan , i corrected many names

Our Mapping Session about 1 month ago

Well done guys

ترحيب about 1 month ago

مرحبا بك welcome

Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico- Mapathon at Massachusetts Institute of Technology about 1 month ago

Well done guys, greeting from iraq/kurdistan

Mister 4.000 2 months ago

i did the same from my places, collecting another resources like ( here map)

State of the Map Japan 2018 2 months ago

well done

125 million MS Building Footprints 3 months ago

well done bro

Ma participation aux ateliers régionaux de formation cartographie numérique et SIG libres (Lomé, mai 2018) 4 months ago

well done

Update NEW map imagery [necessary] 4 months ago

thanks for reply , but this ways its really difficult we can't map accurately by comparing two maps !

Its been 5 years I used Google map, but... 11 months ago

Yes bro #Warin61I will do my best 😊🌷

Hi Friends 11 months ago

Thanks for everyone I will do my best for another cities in kurdistan, (Alan Bragg) yes Im using Bing imagery layer for mapping places 😊👍👍