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Google Summer of Code Experience Part 1

Posted by fannymonori on 3 August 2017 in English. Last updated on 14 August 2017.

This week the last coding period in the Google Summer of Code 2017 started, so I thought a summary of the previous two months as an OpenStreetMap GSoC student would be appropriate.

During the three months of the program I have to implement an OpenGL renderer backend for libosmscout library, in order to achieve a fast rendering that runs on both PC and mobile devices.

The first half of the program I was busy with creating the basis of the OpenGL renderer. I divided the TODO list into 4 bigger parts: rendering areas, rendering ways, rendering ground tiles, and rendering labels. Until now I was working on these 4 type of objects to visualize, with a minimal styling (only color). After two month of work the efforts are starting to show, as seen in the pictures below:

Debrecen 1 Debrecen 2

The objectives for the first 1,5 month were rendering the 4 main type of objects, and these objectives were met, but some important styling features are missing, and implementing those features is my job for the last month. In the next few weeks I’m implementing borders, and I will add ending caps to the ways (these are the most prominent features that are missing). Also refining is needed for text rendering, and anti-aliasing (which is too smooth in some zoom level), and there is room for enhancement regarding performance and the demo application I created.



My project:


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