A report on wikimedia for the first information read the (automatic translation)

1 maps or not maps? is a map, BingMaps is a map OpenStreetMap is not a map … “OpenStreetMap is a huge database, allows everybody to create maps according to his needs. OSM is made by people like you and free to use under an open license.”

2 … and OSM?

  • … John Doe thinks this is OpenStreetMap
  • … and there is a map with a “german style”
  • … and here a list of maps derived from the OpenStreetMap database. There should be something for everyone. ;-) … and if not, then you just make the map yourself.

If you want to compare the quality - Left: GoogleMaps, Right: OpenStreetMap - Please note: the map(s) are zoomable! :)

3 “homemade maps”

as examples database queries or in other words: “homemade maps”.

Examples: schools


Note: The above maps are created live when you call them up, this means that if a new school is added, it is immediately included in this map ;-)

Note: There is not only the standard map, but many special maps - that’s possible, because OSM is a DB. ;-)

4 and more with uMap

… and individualized private maps …

5 News from the OSM world:

  • Week after week the news from the OSM world
  • The first issue of the weekly note appeared in July 2010
  • A certain WN can be found
  • In 2014 the international edition the weeklyOSM was launched in a Comenius school project
  • The first issue of weeklyOSM appeared 4 years after the first German Wochennotiz in October 2014
  • Some accomplices or on an
  • individual map

6 Humanitarian OSM (work in progress)

  • EOF
  • HOT
  • Missing Maps

7 quality control?

Who does the quality control? - The Community! - OpenStreetMap is the Wikipedia of maps! All about the topic: Quality Assurance

8 OSM in Education

school projects


some Universities with a strong OMS commitment

9 Apps for you phone




… and also for * Garmin always current routable maps … … and humanitarian projects HOT and Missing Maps working with MSF and the International Red Cross

… and, and, and

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