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Please, stop to devastate Mogadishu 3 months ago

Dear UNGSC_DTLM-Ale_Zena:

You have contacted the DWG [Ticket#2022031410000051] and I took it.

I left a message to the managers of these Organized Editing HOT activities - see the bottom of this page - , and also an OSM message to Immaculate Mwanja asking what their plans and timing are to revert these poor edits. Still waiting for their answer.

On the contrary to your paid mapping in Mogadishu, at the DWG we are all volunteers: 19 users having hundreds of issues of all kinds to solve every week, worldwide.

Please be more considerate before claiming we aren’t taking action at the DWG.

Best regards,

Rafael Avila Coya, on behalf of the DWG, OSMF.