Testing GlobalSat DG100

Posted by dolphinpix on 28 January 2008 in English (English)

Uploaded, 2008 England Peak district - test run of GlobalSat DG100.

Car has a hardwired (powered from the car stereo 12V - so it comes on when the car is running) GPS data logger based on the DGPS-XM4 Model GPS DataLogger ( ) fed from a Garmin Serial WAAS mouse embedded under the plastic trim of the dash, out of sight.

Another DGPS-XM4 attached to a handheld garmin marine GPS again with WAAS for walking, however enabling serial NMEA output cuts down the GPS battery life to 8 hours (not good for long walks or camping).

Answer, replace the DGPS-XM4 and serial cable with something smaller, lighter with its own batteries. So a test of the GlobalSat DG100. First results look good!

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