Declaration of Conflicts

Posted by dkunce on 13 March 2015 in English (English).

American Red Cross

I work full time for the American Red Cross where I lead the GIS team. We work around the world and frequently have contact with HOT and other organizations throughout our work. We work closely with HOT during disaster response to prioritize and plan activations. I often talk about HOT or about HOT’s perspective in my work with government agencies, corporations, and other non-governmental agencies.

In the past I have worked to give money to HOT for collaborative technology projects such as the Tasking Manager Upgrade. HOT is currently under contract to the American Red Cross support the development of OpenMapKit.

I serve as a de facto liaison between the Missing Maps project and the US Department of State Humanitarian Information Unit given my physical proximity to the HIU. I help coordinate imagery requests from the project and often create tasks on the tasking manager for Missing Maps.

I am frequently interviewed by the media in my role at the American Red Cross and often speak on behalf of the larger humanitarian mapping community which includes HOT.

Missing Maps

I co-founded the Missing Maps project with the British Red Cross, MSF, and HOT. I co-wrote the Memorandum of Understanding that explicitly outlines that member organizations must donate a defined part of all donor raised funds to HOT to ensure HOTs economic viability. Missing Maps is the only instance where I oversee any funds that are given to HOT for operations. The HOT Board approved and signed the MOU in 2014.

As I have stated before I will recuse myself from any discussions concerning financial matters with HOT and ARC. This follows not only good board practices but existing ARC and HOT rules.

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