Portugal, Algarve, The Via Algarviana Trans-Algarve Rambling Route

Posted by dcp on 13 April 2011 in English (English)

Once again this winter, I travelled to the Algarve to escape our ghastly north European weather.
Last year I mapped a small area west of Albufeira very extensively. It was white space before, just as it is in the most parts of Portugal.
This year I found that the Portuguese have a Trans Algarve rambling route starting at Alcoutim on the border with Spain and ending at Cape St. Vincent on the Atlantic coast. I stumbled on it by chance so I checked in OSM and one OSMer had surveyed a very small stretch of it in the Monchique mountain area.

In the limited time available, I managed to survey only about 70km (total length is about 260km)but I had to walk 140km to achieve this as we only had one car to do the job.
The route is beautiful but cannot be too well known as we met only one managed group of 14 Swiss walkers and about 4 other couples during the whole of our 15 days.
The Via Algarviana (Route GR13) is/will be an extension of the European rambling network.
Now it would be nice if some of the OSM users who also like rambling would continue with the mapping of this Portuguese national rambling route. I just do not know if I will be able to do so at my age.
The relation number is 1516318
and can be seen using the OSM Relation Analyser
The official site is at:
so if you have not yet planned you vacation: Go to Portugal and have fun.
Words of caution:
It is too hot in Summer.
You have to wade through some small streams so take trekking sandals and boots.
Refreshment underway is almost non-existent.

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