Downham Market (central), Norfolk, plus Hilgay and Ten Mile Bank

Posted by davidearl on 24 July 2009 in English (English)

My final session to complete Downham Market in west Norfolk took only a couple of hours - just remaining to do were the main shopping streets and a few streets to the north, plus the area east of the centre known as The Howdale. So another substantial town crossed off the list. A couple of streets missing name signs will have to be added by someone who knows the place.

Then moved on about 7km further south to the village of Hilgay which had nothing bar the name on the map, and completed that. It took me getting on for hour so must be about 1,000 people. [Indeed - Wikipedia says 1174]

Then my plan was to head for Littleport and catch the train home. That took me to Ten Mile Bank, a village strung out along three arms of a cross roads (two of which are NCN11), so called because of the embankment which the north-south roads follow along the River Ouse between Littleport and Denver. The basic roads were in, but there are just a few short residential streets off them, and all POIs were needed. (Strangely the river road south had been duplicated on the map - someone had done an exact copy on top of the original I added when I first did Littleport more than a year ago, node for node, for 10km or so).

Seeing the train cross the level crossing in TMB and knowing they were once an hour, I thought that's just comfortable time to get to Littleport despite the strong southerly wind sweeping across the fens - except it turns out they change the timings for this one train, so because I paused to capture a tiny village of Black Horse Drove on the way, I was just coming into Littleport when the train I needed passed me. An hour to wait on windswept Littleport station. Ho hum.

So, next: Southery (nothing on the map currently) on the east bank of the Ouse would complete the A10 corridor up to Downham, but there's not a whole lot more to do within reach. Stansted Mountfitchett and beyond would extend NCN11 continuing my previous outing. I left some villages east of Bury St Edmunds needing further work. King's Lynn with another mapping party.

Location: Downham Market, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, Norfolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom

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