Plodding on towards my goal

Posted by daveemtb on 9 June 2009 in English (English)

I'm slowly but surely working towards completing the roads in Crawley. There are missing road names dotted around, a mixture of traced areas I haven't visited yet, and names that got missed when mapping previously, sometimes the voice recording wasn't clear enough to make out.

This kind of mapping isn't nearly so satisfying, especially when there is no nonames layer that updates more often than once a week.

Still, I'll try to keep pluggin away at it, until I can say that Crawley is complete (for roads, anyway, there are millions of footways in some of the areas, which I have no intention of mapping!), which should be satisfying.

Then I'll probably take a break from mapping for a bit (except for a small un-mapped village in North Norfolk that I'll be visiting this summer) as I have some other projects I'd like to spend more time on for a while.

Location: Southgate, West Sussex, South East, England, RH11 8TE, United Kingdom

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