Stuttgart's Bohnenviertel

Posted by dankarran on 19 October 2007 in English (English)

Most of the Bohnenviertel and red light district in Stuttgart is now mapped. I went down there after work yesterday with the intention of mapping the area, but shied away, feeling very conscious that I was getting some strange looks, stopping on every corner to note down street names. It was a little earlier in the day today so it didn't feel quite so intimidating.

I also filled out some more bits of the Innenstadt while I was in town. There is an anonymous mapper in the centre as well... if it's you, maybe send me a message so we can coordinate?

Location: Heusteigviertel, Stuttgart-Mitte, Stuttgart, Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, 70180, Germany

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