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Today I started adding the tag key:destination to the main primary and secondary roads in Sardinia. I’m using my knowledge of the roads and/or the layout of the network. This is very useful for navigator software: Osmand, Magic Hearth, Skobbler gives you voice directions on where to turn (in 500 meters take the exit to Sassari).

Check the wiki as reference:


Oggi ho iniziato a etichettare la chiave key:destination alle principali strade primarie e secondarie della Sardegna. Mi baso a seconda dei casi in parte sulla conoscenza locale o sulla configurazione della rete stradale. Si tratta di un etichetta molto utile per i navigatori: Osmand, Magic Earth e Skobbler danno indicazioni vocali in merito (fra 500 metri prendi l’uscita in direzione Sassari).


Missing street names in Sardinia

Posted by dan980 on 22 October 2016 in English (English). Last updated on 29 October 2016.

I’m currently updating Sardinia street names, using open data (IODL) from Regione Sardegna.

The best data source is the Geo Topographic Database ( . It covers 125 towns out of 377. The data is pretty accurate.

As a secondary data source I’m using DBT Elemento stradale ( It covers all the towns, but is older and many street names are missing.

I’m updating the names of existing OSM highways. For missing roads I’m using Mapbox Satellite first.