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Improving interaction between OSM and academic communities 9 months ago

This is great idea. Thanks. I just wanted to mention the Wikimedia Research Newsletter as exactly addressing this challenge in a really nice way.

2016 Washington New Users Report over 1 year ago

Hi Cliff, any chance that we could skype at some point? I'm fascinated by your work on the welcome messages, and as a researcher who studies OSM, I think there is an opportunity to systematize and learn from your efforts. Let me know! I can be reached by email:

Who uses OpenStreetMap? over 3 years ago

I think another reason might be that the domain is not (yet) in the top million domains for Alexa and so they might not be indexing it.

1.6 Gigapixel image - OSM Point of Interest density map of Europe almost 4 years ago

You might want to check out my tool based on osmium which is a nice way to extract a type of POI from the raw data:

Great job! This is fabulous ...

Hello OSM almost 4 years ago

welcome Patrick! You might also find if you're in the mood for some armchair mapping. Hope you enjoy the community!

Taking a trip to Yosemite National Park in California, USA almost 4 years ago

congratulations! thank you so much for your contributions ...

evolution of the map almost 4 years ago

this is the tool you need to do the job:

Visualizing Notes added to OpenStreetMap through Craigslist almost 4 years ago

Just updated the cartodb visualization to show different color codes for open / closed notes! The closed ones are in green and the red ones are still open. looks like the midwest needs some work!

Visualizing Notes added to OpenStreetMap through Craigslist about 4 years ago

I got the data from the OSM Notes API. You can check out the program here: (And you'll also find both xml and csv versions of the data there).

Welcome to OpenStreetMap Telangana! about 4 years ago

super! I just updated the post with the new boundaries and also put up a featured image proposal:

Welcome to OpenStreetMap Telangana! about 4 years ago

@stephan75 -- brilliant idea! But I cant seem to find "Telangana" (though Andhra Pradesh shows up fine) on OSM Boundaries. Any ideas on what Im doing wrong?

New Users editing in OpenStreetMap USA -- A Puzzle about 4 years ago

That explains it, thanks!

Identifying Imports in OSM data about 4 years ago

that is a good point -- I guess I must distinguish between bots and imports. There are bots that import and bots that dont, and there are people who import and people who dont.

I want to identify all bots AND import accounts AND individual imports not made from a dedicated account.

Does there exist a list of bots somewhere that you can point me to?

Be Bold? about 4 years ago

what do people think about using the Zillow neighborhood boundaries?

has there been a discussion around this? Its under CC-BY-SA (not sure if that's compatible)

Extracting Data from OpenStreetMap History Files Using the *New* Osmium about 4 years ago

cool! great to see your article too. I'm going to keep plugging away at this and report progress here. I think we need a project that does "instant area history videos" in an interface like walking papers. Learning osmium seems to be the first step to creating such a tool.

Crazy TIGER about 4 years ago

Oops -- forgot to include a link to the TIGER completion map:


Crazy TIGER about 4 years ago

When TIGER was imported, something called the TIGER accuracy improvement project was only half done. These are the counties where you are less likely to find errors like this, and I'd be willing to bet that Arkansas had not been touched by the TIGER accuracy when it was imported into OSM. While its OK to criticize TIGER, it should also be noted that better TIGER exists, we just didnt use it properly.

OpenStreetBugs Phase out: Done about 4 years ago

Brilliant! Thank you!

This is the first day of my OPENSTREETMAP! about 4 years ago

happy mapping!

What parts of the US are well taken care of by OSM Contributors? over 4 years ago

Hmm, thats an interesting thought. The only thing I can think of is (a) comparing TIGER 2013 with old TIGER for new roads only, not misaligned roads. I'm actually working on this. A simpler way might be to use time series population trends at the county level from the census. I imagine high quality vehicle GPS tracks would also be very useful.