The Mysterious Bus

Posted by contrapunctus on 11 February 2018 in English (English)

Huh. Didn't realize I took a 7 day break from mapping. The notes in my OsmAnd [1] are piling up :)

Today I learned that I can map route relations for minibuses (like those Metro feeder buses!) and "share taxis" (or as they're locally called, "Gramin Seva"). These don't show up on Google Maps - I hope they give OSM something of an advantage.

It's funny how, even though public transport is one of my mapping interests, I've never yet done the "travel the whole of a bus route with GPS and maybe camera" dance - though of course I recognize that it's not only (probably) more efficient, but also inevitable. Currently I just map bus stops, note their listed routes in a note=, and add them to bus routes in JOSM. The few bus routes I've actually traveled on I mapped ages ago, and even those I cannot claim to know the entirety of. More recently, I've started noting down (in OsmAnd) what buses I've seen, what their boards say their destination is, and (if I'm near a turn) if or where they turn - this has enriched my work quite a bit.

There remain, of course, buses I've rarely if ever seen. The most notorious of these, I would say, is the "LTD". I have no memory of ever seeing one, and yet it is listed on bus stops all over the city! [2] Fortunately, each stop is little by little adding to its route. Here we are, with the result of adding 23 stops to one variant - screenshot of JOSM showing bus routes mapped so far in Delhi, with the incomplete route for the LTD highlighted. The route is taking shape.

[1] Local, deliberately not uploaded, with the intent of being added using JOSM later

[2] Maybe I shouldn't be adding it, then, if it's not visible on the ground?

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